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I am a millwright with 30+yrs of experience.Presently I am working in Alberta.My question is what am I legally allowed to weld? My employer keeps pushing to weld more but there has to be a liability issue to what I can weld.

Hi Gary.

This is an extremely gray area.  Welding tickets are not mandatory for any welding at all.  These tickets are more used to assist a welder in obtaining a job, for certain applications such as pressure vessels, pipelines, structural, etc. and for shops to be able to bid on jobs in some instances.

There are many, many tickets available.  Tickets for TIG welding vertical up, overhead, vertical down, flat, MIG welding in the same, stick welding in the same, pipe fitting, stainless, the list goes on and on.  It is not required legally for anyone to perform tig, stick, mig, stainless, mild steel, etc, unless the job is being subject to testing (such as the previously mentioned pressure vessels, pipe lines, structural steel, etc.)

Having said that, I believe that you are within your full right to legally refuse to perform certain types of welding that you are not comfortable with.  

I have always felt that welding to some extent is a large part of a millwrights job for making brackets, repairing open tanks, etc.  Much like electrical, or plumbing, or even pump rebuilding, the extent you perform should be based solely on your ability, skill, knowledge and comfort level as opposed to being forced to do it.  If you are being asked to weld something that you feel is drastically outside of your comfort zone, I would state as much when you are asked.

I hope this helps you.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



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