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    I wrote and received my millwright license in 2000, always worked in Ontario and up to this point the term "interprovincial" was unknown to me, I am now considering applying to positions in Alberta and they mentioned this, the box on my license where interprovincial is stated is empty, what can I do to obtain this credit?

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Hi Randy.

It used to be that your license was provincial specific if you got a 60%-69% grade on your c of q.  A 70% or higher automatically gave you what is known as an inter-provincial license.

About 8 years ago (maybe more), the rules changed here in Canada.  A 60%-69% was no longer a passing grade and you had to obtain a mark of 70% or higher to get your license, giving you an automatic inter-provincial status.  

If you obtained a 70% or higher prior to the change, you already have your inter-provincial license.  If you only have your provincial license, you can re-write to obtain your inter-provincial.  

To do this, I would go here:
to see what your local contact is for specifics on how to go about re-writing, and where the closest test facility is located.

If you do need some study material to prepare, has excellent preparation material.  

Since you already have a provincial license, re-writing should be granted automatically if it is required.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.  I will assist you in any way that I can.



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