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Finally given up on left boob wrote at 2010-11-10 21:44:34
I had a diep flap Sept.2010. Ist mastecomy 12/08 with no reconstrution decided on the diep flap when the other one had to be done. Told I was a great candidate - A blood vessell collapsed in the left breast and I lost the left one, right one looks great. A few days later while sill in the hospital the adbominal incision opened. Six weeks later I still have a huge opening in my admonen and viiting nurses twice a day who come and pack it.  I was told five days in the hospital, two weeks until I could try and six weeks I'd be back to normal life.  Today is six weeks and I can barely walk from the family room to the kitchen, and abdominal wounds heal when they feel like it so I have a couple more months to go. I researched the Diep Flap for two full years and thought I had made an informed decision....sometimes things just happen, by no ones fault they just do - make sure you have a plan B.

Randy wrote at 2011-02-28 01:06:06
well my wife had a tram using marlex and is still having stomach problems to where it opens up and closes and keeps doing this ,swelling,pain. just brought her home from a chest wall reconstruction today and the doctor over at Indiana university said it needs to be redone because they have come out with better ways since hers was dome 3 years ago. so so far it hasn't gotten any better

cat wrote at 2012-03-22 20:22:18
I also have had problems with the mesh implanted in my stomach after a TRAM surgery in 2001.  I have had constant diarrhea and bowel problems along with stomach tightness and leakage from the formed belly button. Could this be something linked to the mesh in my stomach?  

Jamie wrote at 2012-10-22 17:49:12
I too have problems with my stomach since my tram flap in 2001. I have constant burning and a ripping feeling with a bulge next to my belly button.Every so often my incision will open up and a "tissue like thing" will come out of the hole.

I get no answers fro the Dr's and am told to see the original surgeon. I do not want to see him, I'm not happy with his work and have also found out that he specializes in hand surgery now!!

I just would like answers as to why this is happening and how to properly fix it.

Tisha Maki wrote at 2016-02-03 18:42:38
I had the same issues!  I'm 44, was 42 when I got the surgery.  I have lost my job and struggle with pain and discomfort 24/7.  I have to wear an abdominal brace just to function through a day.  Is it really THAT rare??  It's been a nightmare and I have lost a lot of my life as a result.  I wish to God someone had talked to me about it before I went through with it.  I just did what the doctor suggested.  And now I'll pay for it for the rest of my life.

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