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Miss C wrote at 2014-09-06 18:18:20
Hi Dana do not know how long ago you posted this question, hope still relevant. I also very thin, 118 and 5 ft 3 inches. I have had 3 full term pregnancies and 1 miss carriage at 51/2 months. I just 3 months ago found out I had the diastasis recti hernia, and umbilical hernia. I work out religiously, not kidding 7 days a week 2 to 3 times a day. I had just given up on a flat belly. Thought that rounding in my belly was just my shape, honestly could not remember any more what I looked like before the kids, but I was still pleased with my tummy had worked hard on June 6 th I go to see about abreast lift found out about hernia the diastasis recti any way, went though surgery to fix, being a certified nutritionist I knew the trapped gas and distention  I was experiencing was associated with the hernia. Now I find out there is still the umbilical hernia. The trapped gas and digestion upset had just moved up, to where the hernia was left untreated. The moral of the story is yes the diastasis will be noticeable, a slope rounding down ward toward you pubis, can start as high as up towards rib cage and slope down too. The muscles have been separated at the connective tissue that joins the 2 halves of the abdominals, not allowing them to be pulled together in the center, you have to do abdominal work in a certain way or can make diastasis worse, if done right you may reduce the diastasis but not completely, the umbilical hernia can create around bulging in the center of belly right at the belly button, pain, pressure, bloating, distention, constipation, diarrhea, and worse case strangulation of intestines = blood flow has been cut off to organ, deadly. Intra-abdominal pressure in so important, not only for holding your organs in place, but pressurizing for proper breathing, and forcing things to move in the right direction down not out the front of your belly which is where the pressure ends up pushing hence my distention, bloating, and trapped gas. I am in the process of trying to get the umbilical hernia fixed now, only way is surgery. Yeah. Not happy. But what can you do. I am 40 and had digestion issues for 10 years, covered all the bases perfected everything (for real became miss perfect, diet, became personnel trainor too, juicing) all that was left was the trapped gas. Could not seem to take care of that. Now I know why. These type of hernia are dead center with digestion upset, and doctors throw pills at you, simethicone, proton pump inhibitors ( prescription acid reducers, real bad idea will not digest protein properly create inflammation of the villi and micro villi in the intestines) . So lay down flat on your back and start to do a crunch, take 2 fingers and place them in the center of your belly between the 2 side by side halves of abdominals and during a crunch try to push your fingers through the center of you abdominal wall connective tissue if they go through, you have the diastasis recti hernia may come with umbilical too, probably. Also think about digestion, they can be tell tail signs too. Gas, bloating, pressure pushing outward, constipation, trouble or slow heavy digestion, pain full bowel movements with blood in stool, pain around belly button. Adult umbilical hernia do not fix themselves and can get worse and need emergency surgery, do not let it go, your health is so important the better you feel the better the world gets to see you every day!  Good health good luck.

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