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In May I had a tummy tuck and developed a pseudo bursa in July. My PS had done some drainage of the Seroma that had developed right after the TT but it wasn't sufficient to stop the development of the pseudo bursa. It took till Oct till I was able to have sclerosing by an interventional radiologist. This was this  past Tues and already it seems like the fluid has returned. It is located just above my belly button. I am very depressed and not sure what is going to happen now. I read that the sclerosing should be done three times in a row to be successful. Does it really work?? Is the only other option surgery? Will I have to pay for it again? Should I just live with it? Please advise

from Dr. Alan Engler

Hi Caryl,

I'm sorry for the problem you're having.

It is obviously not possible for me to make an absolute determination on what needs to be done or to direct your care via this forum.  That being said, I would probably favor a surgical intervention to remove the scar tissue as long as you're sure there's a pseudoburssa.  Sometimes diffuse swelling can mimic the actual physical structure of the bursa.  Did an ultrasound show the fluid and surrounding scar tissue?  Were they able to inject some radio-opaque dye that demonstrated the scope of the cavity?  And/or did an MRI or CT Scan show the cavity clearly?  If so, then I'm not sure that sclerosing it - which leaves the bursa in place even if it occludes the cavity - will be satisfactory.  There is little harm in trying the sclerosing again, but since you indicate that that's already been tried once and it failed, I would conclude that a surgical procedure may be necessary.  If it's a small area it may not be that significant a procedure, although I realize that that's easy for me to say.  Certainly, if it's relatively minor and you are comfortable leaving it alone, that would be another option.

Payment for treatment of surgical complications is always a challenging issue.  Most plastic surgeons have in place, via standardized nationally-used consent forms, a modified fee structure in the event that a second procedure is required.  Insurance may or may not be an option, depending partly on what the problem is, when it occurs, and specifics of the insurance policy.  Surgeons will, in general, try very hard to accommodate their patients and work to achieve the originally-intended results.  At least, in my experience.

I hope that this helps and, again, I'm sorry for this problem,

Dr. E

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