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My wife had plastic surgery to tighten her face while in Korea.  She was told to place a hot pad on the face to reduce swelling.  She heated up a hot pad in the microwave and placed it on her left side, not feeling how hot is was to her hands (used to cooking and handling hot things in the kitchen) or to her face which was nearly absent of feeling as a result of the surgery.  She noticed 2nd degree burning, but didn't cool the area.  She seen large water blisters and called Korea to speak with the doctor.  He advised to heat the end of a needle in a flame, and let it cool a bit, and to then puncture the blister and drain it.  When I came home and seen this after a few days, I rushed her to the walk-in clinic.  The doctor didn't seem too upset, and simply gave her some Sulpha-Creame (no lable) and told her to apply it and wash the area many times a day with soap and water.  She still feels no pain, but the area of course, is very disfigured and colored.  What should she be doing?  Will she need plastic surgery to reconstruct the area where it seems that there will be scarring?  I am attaching a photograph.  Thanks so much for your advice.

Hello, Sorry for the late response. I had been busy with a bit of family emergency.
The skin in that area was probably lifted off its underlying tissue during the face lift procedure and therefor has compromised blood supply. The heat probably may have added to this . The main question is how much and how deep is the real involvement. Immediately Hyperbaric Oxygen would have been helpful. Still, there may be some help with wound healing if it seems slower than expected. It wound be great to follow up with a great surgeon or a great wound care center to follow her until the wound has demarcated. Meaning, has declared how deep and how wide the area of dead tissue is. There may be some benefit to occasional debriedment to keep it health. Then you may allow it to heal by itself or try a skin graft.  I hope that this helps.
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