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Is forehead prominence normal? I noticed my upper forehead was fairly prominent when I was around 13/14 years old and it bothered me, then I forgot about it. Lately, I've become aware of it again and in certain lights, it casts a shadow on my lower forehead. I feel sometimes that it is even more prominent than it used to be.

Is this normal or am I aging prematurely?

I'm a female and 18.

Dear Jen,

I doubt by the description you gave that you're aging prematurely and that this is the cosmetic manifestation of that aging. Technically, we are all aging, everyday of our lives, and not a moment too soon...we all do it at the same pace. And sure, some of us fare better than others. The fact that your forehead is more prominent than some others' foreheads is just a function of who you are. Unless you had a condition in your infancy called craniosynostosis - then it's safe to say that your skull grew in a normal fashion. At this age, however, all bones of the head have grown and matured, and all joints and sutures #places where bones meet# have closed and fused appropriately. So, it's safe to say that doing a surgical procedure to change the structure of the bones is unlikely to be done. Visit with a Board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in craniofacial surgery to consult face to face. Hope this helps. Good luck and fare well.

Daniel Kaufman, MD, MSc
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