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QUESTION: Hello mr Jafri, my name is Ivan , i am from Kazakhstan!!! Therefore i can write with mistakes, advance sorry!!! I have problem with my head, more precisely with size, my head is small, then my face!!! Doing surgeon operation for increase size of head with implants, or different   kind of way!!! Have you done operation  in you  experienced before? Advance so much thanks for you answer!!!

ANSWER: Hello Ivan,

Thank you for your interesting question. What you are describing is a fairly common problem that needs to be evaluated in person by a plastic surgeon or craniofacial surgeon to determine what solutions may be possible for your specific case.

In general head shape can be changed with implants, fat injections, surgical treatment of bone deformities, hair transplants and calcium hydroxyapetite injections.

It really depends on what your head anatomy is like and a physical exam combined with possible skull X-rays or CT scan of the head can help determine a treatment plan.

In some cases it is better to do nothing as the dangers of correcting any head size maybe greater than the benefit.

I wish you all the best and a successful resolution to your concerns,

Dr. Kamran Jafri

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QUESTION: dear doctor Jafri can we meet for discuss about my problem, can i pass examination in you clinic for find solution? have you done operation for increase head by implants before? can we write address your clinic for me and price for exavination and for operation and price of implants !! Thank you advance

ANSWER: Hello Ivan,

Thank you for kind inquiry but the best advice I can give you is to locate a Surgeon closer to you.

While I have many patients who fly in to see me, their surgeries have quicker recovery times and their follow up care is not as intensive as yours would possibly be.

Astana Medical University would be the sensible place to be examined and seen for your concerns.

Good luck to you!

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QUESTION: thank you dr Jafri for reply, but our surgeons is not qualified for that operation which i need, they cant to do it!!!!!! in my cantry quality of medicine so poor!!!!! Can you advise to me some cantry, some high quality of medicine centre where to do operation !!!!!! maybe you know some surgeons who to do like operation which i need from Russion? thank you advance

Hello Ivan,

I am not sure of any specific doctors in Russia - but certainly I would have to think that Moscow would be the best place to go. Certainly close to you and any large medical university center would have the right specialists to see you. Go somewhere as close to you as possible - it is likely that you will need close follow up after any potential procedure you have.

Good luck!

Dr. Kamran Jafri

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