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Dr Farzaneh;

This should be a very quick question, and may even seem trivial. However, I am very careful about accuracy in my writing, and I cannot find a definitive answer to this.

I am a novelist, and in my current MS, I have the following as a non-direct "quote" from a pediatrician regarding the removal of several tiny moles from a six-year-old's face:

"...her pediatrician mentioned, in an offhand manner that said he didn't have much of an opinion one way or the other, that if they were going to get it done, the sooner they did it, the less noticeable the scarring would be."

Please verify whether it is realistic that a doctor would be this ambivalent about the removal of benign facial moles (described elsewhere as "more like giant freckles"), as well as whether the scarring issue is factually presented.

Thank you very much for this service you and all of the other experts here provide!

Hi, Moles are usually removed if they are of aesthetic concern or if they are suspicious to be premalignant or malignant. Scarring depends on many factors and is not always predictable.
Moles are usually removed definitively by complete excision.  This may  leave a scar that is longer than the original mole. Shaving technique doesn't alway remove the mole entirely leaving the possibly of recurrence.
If there is any concern for malignancy, which is rare in a 6 year old then a dermatologist should evaluate these moles.
Hope this helps. Send me a followup if I can be of any more help. Thank you. Dr. Farzaneh

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