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Hi I have a couple questions on the surgeries of facial contouring and its uses on various features as well as other surgery options for changing a long face with slight vertical max. Excess to a shorter more oval face of better proportion.

What are my surgery options? I know fixing my long face syndrome is only going to make my face look longer which is something I'm trying to avoid. I wish to know can facial contouring be helpful in this situation, or are there other invasive or non evasive surgeries that give options. But I need to know if it can be done ! My face and head alike is  narrow, but pintched together horizontally and vertically too long without the benefit  of having a normal mandible.  

What are the technical aspects, are there diagrams and pages that I also see? Who should I go to to permanent treatment for this if it's needed next post I can give pics. I must know there is hope.

I wish to know of everything that can be done


Hi Audi,
You have asked a very interesting question and the best I can answer is that you need to have a consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon who can examine your anatomy and also order a 3D CT scan of your face and head in order to determine what will work and not work in your case.
Also be prepared for going through a process to achieve your goals as opposed to a "one shot" surgery.
There are many options that are available for facial contouring from facial implants to fat grafting to bone grafting and positioning procedures.
There is hope for you but the first step is to see a well experienced surgeon in person who can guide you along in your journey to achieve your desired goals.
I wish you all the best!

Dr. Kamran Jafri

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