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One of these clinics-here is the link:
has opened in my area and I was giving it some thought as there is a very good 'Groupon' deal.
I am 55. I have always been chubby, in spite of lots of exercise and a healthy diet. My worst areas are central obesity-most of the fat is on the inside-I can barely pinch an inch outside-and I have gynocomastia. These are all genetic as my Dad and uncles looked the same.
For the last couple years I have been running, doing chest presses, and eating low glycemic, and fat is slowly coming off, except in the two areas mentioned above. I would like to see a bigger reduction in my 'man boobs' especially so I can hit the beach this summer without embarrassment. Most of the fat there seems to be on my sides closer to my armpits.
I have not been able to find many reviews for this procedure online.
I have two femal friends that have had it done-one said there was litle difference, but she was already a healthy weight, and the other, heavier, friend said she noticed a difference.
My weight loss has plataued on my front-my ribs and abs are actually visible-so do you think this might get the rest of the fat, possibly genetic, moving?


First of all, you should understand that the "lipo-laser" to which  you are referring is not a true liposuction procedure but is a medical treatment that uses external low level energy to theoretically break up fat beneath the surface.  I am unaware of any scientific studies that confirm the benefit of this non surgical treatment, although anecdotally, there are reports that continued treatment can be of some benefit.

As to true liposuction, it is not of use for the deep intra-abdominal fat that you describe, but is very effective in the treatment of male gynecomastia (what you describe as "man boobs") when properly done.  Often it is also necessary to make a small incision around the nipple to remove glandular tissue that is resistant to liposuction.

In summary, I would not expect to see any significant improvement from "lipo-laser" but true liposuction, possibly combined with excision, does sound like a very good option for your chest problem.

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