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Plastic Surgery/Skin Cancer Surgery on my Forehead


Recently I had surgery done by a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon to remove a skin cancer from my forehead.   At the original consultation he told me that I would require a skin flap  However, on the day of my surgery upon checking in at the hospital I became aware from his notes that a muscle was also to be removed.   The next time I had the opportunity to speak with him was in the pre-op room and when I told him what I had read in his notes he confirmed that he would be removing a muscle as he said the cancer was growing round it.   At this point there was nothing for me to do except to proceed.   The surgery was professionally done and the healing process is going well .    Now two weeks following surgery I find that my eyebrow has dropped considerably and my eyelid is drooping very badly.  My question is will this situation improve with time or will it get worse and is there anything I can do to reverse things.


There's not much you can do at this point,  Nerve testing can give information as to whether the weakness is from the nerve or muscle, but it is quite possible that function will return following in growth of new nerves, even if the nerve has been cut.  

If the cancer was invasive, it probably was necessary to go deep enough to require muscle resection which can involve injuring the nerve to the muscle.  While you cannot do anything to reverse the process, from a cosmetic standpoint, Botox can be used on the opposite side to temporarily reduce muscle function to give you more facial symmetry.  Botox lasts about 4 months and can be repeated.  It will take a year, or possibly longer, for nerve regrowth to be complete, so don't give up hope too soon.

Best of luck.

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