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Plastic Surgery/lower abdomen buldge after Liposuction


Dear Dr. Engler,

I had Liposuction with a cannula one month ago for lower belly and a above belly. I wore a girdle for 3 weeks and I went home with two drains.  Drains were taken out after 5 days but I have a lower abdomen bulge about 6 inches horizontally but more concentrated right under the belly button area.  I went to see my doctor and there was no fluid in there.  He said that it was air space and to massage it three times a week for 5 minutes.  He also said this is very rare and it might take up to 2 years to go completely down.  I'm confused about the air space because when I massage it does not feel like air but rather a semi hard mound more bulging right under the belly button.  I weigh 112 (126 at the most) and had sagging skin but not a huge amount.  I am wondering about the diagnosis,  Can you lend me your expertise?

from Dr. Alan Engler

Hi Laura,

It's hard to say specifically without being to see you in person and/or a photo but, in general, here's what I'd say:

It can take a while for bulges like this to go down, although I would think less than two years (more like 3-6 months).  I generally tell my patients that it takes 4-6 weeks to see 85% of the result, 3 months for 95% and 6 months for all, but areas like this can be a little stubborn and take time to settle down.

That, of course, depends partly on what you looked like before the surgery, and right at the end of the surgery.  If it was pretty flat at the end of the surgery then you can most likely wait it out; if there was dense fatty/fibrous tissue there then you MAY benefit from a revision at some point (like six months; not a big procedure) and if you had some loose skin then it may not contract down as perfectly as everyone would want.

Sorry to be vague but it's not always 100% clear.  The best thing is to maintain the discussion with your own PS, who is the only one who knows the answer to all of these questions.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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