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Thanks for taking my question. I broke my nose 10+ years ago and let it heal naturally. I now notice more and more that my nose is note centered and my breathing in one nostril is labored. I also experience heavy snoring at the moment. Is there a procedure for a simple re-break and straightening of the nose with no major cosmetic changes? If so, what would you approximate the cost and is it covered by insurance? I am happy with all other aspects of my nose. Thanks!

from Dr. Alan Engler

Hi Mike,

Not really.  There are procedures that can be done, I wouldn't necessarily call any of them "simple," and, even with that, it can be very difficult to return your nose to its pre-injury appearance.  That may sound counter-intuitive, but once these tissues (particularly) the cartilage heal in their new formation (ie, if there is a curve that wasn't there before) it's extremely challenging to "undo" that.  Many things can be done with a rhinoplasty (the general term for plastic surgery of the nose) but to have a full and appropriate assessment I'd recommend that you see a few board-certified plastic surgeons in your area to get an idea of what they feel is appropriate; it's more than can be discussed via this forum.  Insurance coverage is a difficult issue to assess.  In general, insurance may cover, fully or partially, surgery that is performed to return function but it does not usually apply to a cosmetic issue.  Even if the surgery is "covered," you have to find out exactly what that means and then find a surgeon who is willing to accept the terms of that coverage (the surgeon and the insurance company may not agree on what the appropriate fees are for that coverage).  Finally, prices vary widely so it would be hard for me to give a sense on that.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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