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Plastic Surgery/facial nerve paralysis/nose collapsing


I had a blood clot burst on my facial nerve 10 years ago (confirmed with surgery). My nose seems to be collapsing on the paralyzed side. It's not real noticeable just to look at it, but it feels odd and is slightly obstructing my breathing. What can be done? What are my options?

i can understand the situation. There are muscles on the now that work during breathing and especially during exertion in order to keep the nostril open and widen the 'air-intake' ports. This nasalis muscle is now paralyzed and the outer wall of your nostril is collapsing. The obstructed feeling is because of the outer wall of the nostril gradually collapsing.
Treatment wise, one could insert a stabilizer into the outer wall in the form of a thin sheet of a material called MEDPORE. This will act as a stiffener and prevent inward collapse. It may also be necessary to take out some tissue from the inside to ease the airway. This is a job to be done by a plastic surgeon along with an ENT specialist.
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