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cauliflower ear
cauliflower ear  
I have been playing rugby for over 12 years and in the process i have gained a cauliflower ear.when i first done it after impact in a tackle i hand it drained but after many tackles and drained many times it finally went hard and numb.
When your in the rugby environment it doesn't seem to bad as everyone in the sport knows what it is, how ever now my days of rugby are over when i go for a job interview i always get ask what happen to your ear are you a fighter things along those lines.and it seems to be putting employers off and i notice in public people stare a lot at my ear and this is effecting my self confidence.
In hind sight i wish i worn some sort of head protection but im afraid i cant go back in time now im 25 and still have a lot of life left.
So my question is have you heard of a surgery that cant give a better appearance i know it will not be perfect but at least remove some of the mass thats inside the ear and how much would this treatment cost in the US if i travelled there,I am in the UK so may be able to get it with nhs but not sure as it happened due to sport
Thank you so much


While I have not had any personal experience treating a condition exactly like yours, I do feel that is could be significantly improved by using a laser to reduce the underlying scar tissue.  I would elevate the skin off of the scar and then use the laser underneath.  Again, I must state that this recommendation is not based on personal experience but on my general approach to deformities of the ear.  The concern with any type of scar revision surgery is the risk of recurrence.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a cost estimate since that would vary considerably depending on the surgeon as well as the associated operating room and anesthesia costs. I we were to undertake such a procedure I would estimate total cost in the $4000 to $5000 range assuming the surgery was done under general anesthesia.

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