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I had a bone spur that was causing an ulcer removed from the top of my foot. Everything was ok until a waterproof bandage was put on 10 days post op. I removed the waterproof bandage after 24 hours because the area became so itchy. The picture with sutures is the what the area looked like two days after I took off the waterproof bandage. The doctor cultured the area, removed the sutures and put me on antibiotics. The area looked. Lot better but when I went in for another check a week ago, I had "spit a suture"
The suture was removed and I was told to keep the area bandaged and use antibiotic ointment. Last night when I applied the ointment, the area opened.  The other picture is of the area last night. I went back in to see the
Doctor who now has ordered an MRI with and without contrast to me sure there is no infection. How concerned should I be?  Is this being handled correctly?  If not, would the next step be

It seems as though your body had a large inflammatory response initially to the adhesive on the bandage and subsequently, perhaps to the suture material. The redness or erythema seems to have greatly improved between the first and second photograph, so this was likely a reaction to the adhesive. Sometimes even though dressings are touted as "waterproof," if a little water gets underneath there, fungus can grow. Your physician did the right thing by culturing the area. The small open area will likely heal with conservative wound care if you are otherwise healthy and don't have a reason to be immunocompromised. The MRI is probably just being cautious since your surgery went to the level of the bone, however imaging this close to surgery isn't always accurate because the natural post-surgical inflammatory process can also result in changes in the imaging that can resemble an infectious process. Your physician is likely going to see you more rather than less frequently to ensure you are healing properly.  

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