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"I had a bone spur that was causing an ulcer removed from the top of my foot. Everything was ok until a waterproof bandage was put on 10 days post op. I removed the waterproof bandage after 24 hours because the area became so itchy. The picture with sutures is the what the area looked like two days after I took off the waterproof bandage. The doctor cultured the area, removed the sutures and put me on antibiotics. The area looked. Lot better but when I went in for another check a week ago, I had "spit a suture"
The suture was removed and I was told to keep the area bandaged and use antibiotic ointment. Last night when I applied the ointment, the area opened.  The other picture is of the area last night. I went back in to see the
Doctor who now has ordered an MRI with and without contrast to me sure there is no infection. How concerned should I be?  Is this being handled correctly?  If not, would the next step be"

as an ortho specialist, he is naturally worried about infection reaching the bone. Hence the MRI. It is likely that you have a superficial sepsis aggravated by the presence of suture materials. If there are more deeper stitches still remaining, they are also likely to be spit out. As the wound is open, there is free drainage and the chances are that with appropriate antibiotics, you should be healing soon. of course if you are a diabetic, you need to pay attention to get a better control, if you smoke, you must quit and also elevate the limb as much as you can. Hanging the leg down as in sitting is not advisable.
Wish you all the best.

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I am a certified plastic surgeon with special interest on aesthetic surgery, practising in Dubai, U.A.E. dealing with patients form diverse nationalities. You can address questions to me on body and facial aesthetic surgery (liposuction, breast surgery, nose corrections, eyelid surgery, fat injections, botox and fillers) as well as reconstructive surgery. I also have experise in the area of peripheral nerve surgery such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve entrapments. I would especially welcome queries from net-surfers from this part of the world.


I have 17 years experience in reconstructive plastic surgery and over 12 years in aesthetic surgery. After qualifying as a general surgeon, I was fortunate to work in a unit that did complex reconstructive surgery and general surgery as well. This spurred my interest in plastic surgery as a career as the possibilities seemed to be amazing and limitless. This was the era when microsurgery and flaps captured our imagination. I further acquired formal training in Plastic surgery, burns, maxillofacial and hand surgery. this was followed by a training apprenticeship in aesthetic surgery. In my practice as a plastic surgeon, I do more aesthetic work now and am keen on developing minimal invasive surgery. I am a member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, U.K.

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