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I have several indented scars on the tip and top of my nose that have developed over the past 3 years. Some look like large pores that never shrink. Is there anything besides fillers that would heal these? I have heard that some places do needling that will encourage collagen to refill them. I have some 10% glycolic acid facial cream but am wondering if that may make them worse. They really look bad and obvious. Please help!

Hi Rose,

Certainly fillers would be helpful to some degree. They ar eeasy to do and can get good results. The downside is that they need to be repeated over time.

It is possible that some form of laser resurfacing might help but you would need an exam first to see if that is possible.

Needling would only provide minor and very limited benefit especially in the nasal skin which tends to be thicker at the tip.

Surgical excision would not be advised in this area of the nose.

Take care,

Dr. Jafri

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