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Two days ago my 8 month old son accidentally spilled hot water on his thigh. I put him under cold water immediately and rushed him over to the hospital (I live 5 min away). He is being treated with Silver sulfadiazine and we are attending hospital everyday to have his dressing changed. Although he is in some discomfort when dressings are changed, he is perfectly fine and happy otherwise.

I am attaching a photo of the burn yesterday and today - I would be grateful if you could let me know if you think it is healing well, approximately how long you think it will take to heal and whether it is likely to scar. Nurses have been very vague when I have (repeatedly) asked. I have also increased the amount of protein and vitamin A&E in my son's diet and have continued breastfeeding (which i was weaning him off).

Sorry for the ramble but I am beside myself with worry!!!! Thanks

These are second degree burns, should heal in 2 weeks. Silver sulfadiazine covered by non-adherent tulle [like a net] of Jelonet or similar products is the usual treatment. The main problem will be retaining the dressing on a baby's thigh; it usually slips and the upper margin of the slipped dressing will rub on the raw area causing pain and making that area deeper.
I usually recommend dressing change once in 2-3 days as frequent disturbance of wound is not desirable. The challenge therefore is retention of dressing. I recommend reinforcing the top part with hypoallergenic some adhesive tapes such as Durapore or Mefix. This will prevent slipping. It is also important to overlap the jelonets so that no part of burn touches the bandage directly. If available, larger sizes of Jelonet are preferred for this reason [40x10 cm].
I do not recommend any chemicals or antiseptics for cleaning, only normal saline. It is not necessary to remove the blister membrane. It is usual for babies to cry during dressing and then be peaceful later. He is not suffering much pain however.
If persistently cranky, it may be because the dressing has slipped.
keep it away from urine soakage. Have one emergency set of dressings and silver sulfadiazine cream at home to deal with such emergencies so that you can do the dressing change yourself; i am sure you have learnt enough by now.
After healing, i recommend using a silicon patch to reduce scarring. He is likely to experience itching, ask for a prescription anti-histaminic, trim his nails while asleep.
Antibiotics are not needed and no special nutritional supplements other than breast and top ups are needed.

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