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Can stress cause vast premature aging?

I just turned 21, yet since I was around 18, my face has hollowed considerably. I understand that people age, but my face is aging faster than anything I've seen. I don't think it's genetic, because my (24 yr old) brother doesn't have these problems and both my parents are quite young looking.
I have a hollow forehead, tear troughs, nasal depressions (at the side) and sagging cheeks, which has caused NL folds and marionette lines. On the other hand, my lower face is full and my  actual skin (including the skin on the rest of my body) is very smooth and elastic. I don't have one line or wrinkle on my face.
It's very upsetting because I don't want to have to get all these things corrected, especially at my age. And what's the point in having them corrected if other parts of my face are going to continue hollowing considerably?

I don't do any of the stuff that would age you prematurely - smoking, tanning, eating poorly etc. The only thing I do have is stress. I have GAD and am therefore in a constant state of anxiety.
Could that be the cause? I really do just want this to stop.

There are rare conditions where on part of the face loses volume more than the other parts. Usually this happens on one half of the face. This condition is called hemifacial atrophy and is not genetic. That having said, your condition does not seem to be unilateral.

Localized fat loss can be corrected quite easily by fat grafting techniques. I think this should help your situation. There are no cuts here. Fat is harvested by gentle liposuction from other parts of the body and grafted to the affected part of the face by planting via thin hollow needles. There are only small punctures which do not leave any marks. You may send photographs as attachments here or to me email cosmetic.plastic at if you wish. This technique is available in my practice in Dubai.

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