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Dr Engler,

Thanks for taking my question and taking the time to do this for people in need. Three weeks ago today, I underwent surgery to repair a deviated septum and straighten my nose. It was a closed procedure and I mentioned to my doctor that I would like to keep the shape of my nose the same, but correct a moderate to severe off center leaning to the right of my nose. No cartilage was remolded, only the nasal bone was broken and re-set.

The procedure seemed to go ok and I am breathing much better. I however am not satisfied with the results of the straightening. My nose looks identical or slightly more off center from the outside in before and after pictures. My nose was broken and put in a splint for 6 days. My questions are as follows:

Can I expect my nose to continue to straighten and improve in appearance in the next several weeks?

I played 9 holes of very careful golf (no hard swings/not smart I know)five days after the procedure with no pain during or after (brace was still on my face). Is it likely I ruined my results by doing so?

Can I now lift weights and play golf/exercise as normal without compromising the shape of my nose?    

Thanks Again!

from Dr. Alan Engler

Hi Matt,

First, it is (obviously) difficult for me to comment specifically on these issues via this forum; I would need before and after photos, etc.  That being said:

1)  I think it is unlikely that you caused a significant change to your nose in playing golf at five days post-op.  That being said, it was probably not wise to do so (!).

2)  There is so much swelling early on that you cannot necessarily make an assumption about the nose's final appearance.  But straightening a nose can be difficult and can require a fairly extensive procedure (including the septoplasty, which is any of several maneuvers to the septum) and repositioning, and hopefully centralizing, the bony portions of the nose.  Exactly which of these were done, and to what extent, would help answer your question but I would only be speculating.

My guess, though, is that it is not likely to magically straighten completely if it looks the same or even a little worse now (I'm not concerned about it looking "worse" as swelling exaggerates even slight differences).  It may to some degree, but maybe not completely.

I normally tell my patients that, assuming the healing is progressing as expected, they can start light exercise and advance as tolerated.

You should, of course, discuss all of this with your own plastic surgeon.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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