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Dear dr. Engler,

I had breast cancer surgery 8 months ago on my left breast.
The same day the general surgeon removed the cancer and surrounding tissue than the
Plastic surgeon came in and reconstructed my breast by giving me shape, re attached my areola and a lift using
My own breast tissue.  No implant used.  An anchor scar was used.
I have several ripples along the inner right Side of my left breast.
What would cause the rippling and can it be corrected?  When I google about rippling only implant rippling pops up?
Thank you

from Dr. Alan Engler
Member of #RealSelf100

Hi Kay,

I'll try to answer your question.  A photo could be helpful.  If you'd like to send one or more to my personal email, which is private, you can do so (  Otherwise, though, here's what I'd say:

Most cases of "rippling" do, in fact, involve breast implants, and most commonly saline filled (silicone implants can ripple but it is typically less common and less severe than with saline implants).  But irregularities of all types can occur with all procedures and, in your case, your plastic surgeon had to refashion your breast using remaining skin and breast tissue, and tailoring the skin around that new contour.  In so doing, there can be discrepancies between the lengths of incisions (the upper and lower part that are supposed to go together can be of different lengths) and so would need to be crimped a bit to get it to fit.  In addition, if there is a divot from the excision then the overlying skin may collapse into that a bit.

You would need to talk to your plastic surgeon to find out which of these might apply to you and what, if anything, can be done about it.

I'm obviously very sorry for what you've gone through - but glad that "all" we're talking about is some rippling following breast cancer surgery!

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler

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