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Plastic Surgery/is it ok to wear sports bra for too long


hello dr mohan,

its been 2 months since my breast lift and reduction + implants...I wore my surgical bra for 2  months 24/7 just to play it dr said I can start wearing underwires bra now...but I told him I still don't feel comfortable to wear underwire bras as my implants are not soft yet and still somehow implants are high...I asked him if I can switch to sports bra for another several months...he said its ok...but now my concern is some are sayin that wearing  sports bra too much and too long will compresses the breasts inward? is that true?

many thanks.

I think you may switch to nomal bra. Breasts will settle down with time. You may leave them unsupported for a few hours if u feel they are high. In the beginning you may feel uncomfortable due to bra dependency but soon it will be fine. Patients feel insecure without bra for a few days but they all feel okay after a few days.The implants get a capsule around them in a month which protects them so they will not pop out!

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I am a certified plastic surgeon with special interest on aesthetic surgery, practising in Dubai, U.A.E. dealing with patients form diverse nationalities. You can address questions to me on body and facial aesthetic surgery (liposuction, breast surgery, nose corrections, eyelid surgery, fat injections, botox and fillers) as well as reconstructive surgery. I also have experise in the area of peripheral nerve surgery such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve entrapments. I would especially welcome queries from net-surfers from this part of the world.


I have 17 years experience in reconstructive plastic surgery and over 12 years in aesthetic surgery. After qualifying as a general surgeon, I was fortunate to work in a unit that did complex reconstructive surgery and general surgery as well. This spurred my interest in plastic surgery as a career as the possibilities seemed to be amazing and limitless. This was the era when microsurgery and flaps captured our imagination. I further acquired formal training in Plastic surgery, burns, maxillofacial and hand surgery. this was followed by a training apprenticeship in aesthetic surgery. In my practice as a plastic surgeon, I do more aesthetic work now and am keen on developing minimal invasive surgery. I am a member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, U.K.

Professional: Plastic and Reconstructive surgery journal, Acta Tropica, European journal of OB & Gyn etc.

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