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Plastic Surgery/Problems five years later due to other surgeries after A tummy tuck


I had an abdominoplasty in 2010. I did not have any problems post operatively and healed just fine. Since then I have had to have several different surgeries as a result of endometriosis that includes a hysterectomy (Riobotic) and four laptops optic to remove large endometriotic cysts. Now that the endometriosis is gone, I am suffering from burning pain and nerve damage (entrapped nerves) from the materials used from previous surgeries; this was told to me by two OBGYN and one general surgeon so I had three opinions. Is there anyway to have all of the materials from the tummy tuck removed so that I feel less pain? My goal is not the aspheric appeal at this point, but improving the quality of my life.

from Dr. Alan Engler

Hi Terry,

I'm obviously very sorry for all you've been through; nerve pain is awful.  However, I have to address your question in two parts.

1) Is there anyway to have all the material...The answer is no.  I can't imagine a surgical procedure that could involve "removing" all the material, because there isn't that much "material" still there.  Sometimes permanent sutures are used but it is otherwise all natural scar tissue; tissue that grows in response to any surgical procedure or trauma.  There is no practical way to remove it.

2) BUT more than that - I'm not sure that your symptoms are from the tummy tuck, regardless of what anyone else may have told you.  I cannot of course say very much via this forum (without being able to review your records and examine you in person) but it's a complex conclusion to draw.  If you had three procedures at the same time it would be hard to know which procedure may have caused any specific result.  But if you healed well from the tummy tuck in 2010 why do you think that that - rather than all the procedures you had since - is responsible for your symptoms?  I would argue that it's most likely not, since we know you healed well from it.  Your symptoms began after your subsequent procedures and so, logically, I would think they result from that.

At any rate, I'm (again) sorry and I hope it gets better on its own, which can occur.  I do not know of a surgical procedure that would be likely to produce that result.

I hope that this has helped and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler and Member of RealSelf100

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