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Dear Dr. Rangaswamy,

I had two rhinoplasties in the past (once in 2009 and once in 2011). The first surgery was septorhinoplasty to correct deviated septum and nasal hump. The second was for "fine tuning," as there was still a bit of a hump remaining. Furthermore, there appeared asymmetric swelling/scar tissue development on one side of my nose and nasal tip. The second surgery attempted to correct this, and after the removal of the cast, the nose looked perfect. However, beginning two days after cast removal up to today, the swelling reappeared and never healed, so there appears asymmetric bulging on one side of my nasal tip.

I wanted steroid injections for this during the process, but the doctor did not want to give in fear of a "depression" forming. However, I would much rather prefer a depression than this bulging.

Is it possible, after all this time, that I can receive steroid injections from a surgeon to kill/dissolve this scar tissue? If it would cause a depression, I would much rather prefer that.

Dear Mr.Bilal,
I is difficult to answer this without examining your nose myself. Normally scar nodules should have softened by this time. If it still persists, I wonder if it is in fact a bit of cartilage that is projecting, in that case, steroid will not work. sometimes, the better treatment may be to camouflage this 'swelling' by using a filler injection [such as Restylene] all around this area; this is called medical rhinoplasty.
I suggest that before you go for steroid injection, see a plastic surgeon well experienced in rhinoplasty. Steroid can cause depression and atrophy of skin which is quite difficult to correct and it may not correct a scar nodule so late!

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