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QUESTION: Hi there , I have cut on my face on left cheek and I got 8 stiches last week . It's going to remove today. What can I do to minimize the scar . I read about kelo cote gel , scaraway sheets , moisturiser creams and many products to minimize scar after stitches remove. so which one is good. And how to use these after stitches remove ? Thanks

ANSWER: Massage can help improve the contour of your scar. In general, scar massage should start 3 weeks after your repair. The Rule of 3’s is the easiest way to remember how to perform massage: 3 times a day, 30 seconds at a time, for the first 3 months using firm pressure. Sunscreen (SPF 30 at least) can greatly help protect your maturing scar from the harmful sun rays. Direct sun damage can cause a scar to remain pink or purple indefinitely. It is safe to apply sunscreen to the area as soon as the area is closed and there are no remaining open areas or scabs. Silicone strips that can be purchased over the counter have also been shown to help the appearance of scars. Scars mature to their greatest strength at 8 weeks and after that time scars soften and fade in color for up to 1 year, so plan to see improvement slowly over time.

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QUESTION: Hi there , my stitches are removed 2 days before . I bought some scaraway silicon sheets. can I put some moisturizer Aquaphor and then silicon sheet on wound? Thanks

Hi there Manni. I suggest you chat with your doctor about specific postoperative instructions and scar management. But in general, it is safe to apply doctor-approved topical creams to the area as soon as the area is closed and there are no remaining open areas or scabs.

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