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QUESTION: Hello Dr Alan, can a patient wear WIG during deviated nasal bone surgery?

ANSWER: from Dr. Alan Engler

I don't know that there's a single hard and fast rule; it depends on the individual surgeon and anesthesia team.  It probably also depends on how big and thick the wig is.

But even if you can I'm not sure I'd advise it.  The head has to be positioned correctly during the surgery.  All sorts of tubes and devices need to come across the face, and sometimes wrap around the head.  And you may get blood and/or other secretions on the wig.  That is a possibility for at least several days after the surgery.

Putting all of that together I'd probably advise that the patient not wear a wig but, instead, a thin fabric wrap or something like that. Once adequately healed and feeling better, the wig can be substituted for the wrap.

However, it is - as mentioned - within the scope of the individual surgery team to work that out.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler
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QUESTION: 1)Sir in that case can a WIG be worn 1-2 days AFTER surgery (nose surgery)?

2) Secondly, Sir if a person has never undergone any kind of surgery in life ever and neither he has received local anesthesia ever nor general anesthesia ever, and if this is the first time he wants to undergo a surgery , so which tests do you think are necessary to be conducted before surgery in order to avoid the complications of surgery?

3) Sir can a patient die because of General Anethesia ?

ANSWER: 1) Probably...depending, again on the specifics of the situation
2) There are no specific tests that I know of; it's a combination of the assessment of your physicians and then anything that is related to your diagnosis and underlying medical problems (if any)
3) Yes.  There are many explanations, causes, complicating factors but, sadly, it is possible.

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QUESTION: 1)Sir can even patient die because of local anesthesia?

2)Sir if a patient has deviated nasal bone and as we know its surgery is done under general anesthesia, but if he is afraid of general anesthesia (because of death risk), so in your opinion shall he opt for nose surgery or not?

1) Yes (rare but possible)
2) Can't answer that - there are risks in everything we do, in our daily lives, and the decision to do or not do something normally takes into consideration the likelihood of benefit balanced with the potential for problems.  It's that dynamic that has to be addressed.

Good luck,

Dr. E

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