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Hello, I had a fibroadenoma excision 4 years ago. My wound became a keloid scar after few months.I had no family history of keloid and i have never developed keloid scar when i had my immunization when i was a child. I went to skin specialist and had steroid injection twice only. But, I stopped taking the injection now and the keloid grows back to the original size. I sometimes have sharp pain at the keloid site. Is this normal? I stopped taking the injection cuz im afraid of the side effects of steroid. Will the steroid injection harm the body causing kidney damage? I would alsolike to know is there any other ways to treat keloid besides the injection and laser? even if i do the laser therapy and the injection, will the scar become less visible? Thank you

from Dr. Alan Engler
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Hi Caroline,

Keloids and hypertrophic scars can be among the most vexing conditions to treat, for all involved.  How and why and when they occur is unpredictable, and treatment is inconsistent.  While some skin types (darker or thicker) and regions of the body (earlobes, sternum, thicker skin of legs, etc) are more likely to have these conditions, they can occur on any person, and any where on the body.

In general, injection of intralesional steriods is a reasonable treatment.  Excising the scar can remove it - temporarily, and it it can recur with a vengeance.  Radiation of the area post-excision can help but even that is not assured, and there are concerns (obviously) with radiation.

I would normally recommend that you be treated by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is familiar with this condition, and then individualize the treatment.  As I indicated, though, it can be a frustrating situation, regardless of what is done.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler

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