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Plastic Surgery/Scar tissue after jaw and genioplasty surgery.


I had double jaw surgery and at the same time my doctor suggested chin surgery where my chin would be moved forward. Then my lower teeth were exposed (at least I thought) because I was looking at other pictures taken before at the clinic and I do show lower teeth but in a natural way. Anyways I thought my lower teeth were exposed because of bad muscle attachment. I went to another surgeon and he did mentalis muscle resuspension. At the time I thought it was the muscles. So I did the surgery. Then after the swolleness went down it is still the same, it didn't go up, he removed the plate for the genioplasty. But everything is the same. Then I notice my profile, the upper lip with the lower lip do not line up. The lower lip looks more back (so no way it can be the muscles). When I closed my mouth before the first surgery my bottom lip even tho it showed lower teeth naturally, my lip was fine and lined with the upper lip. The reason I can tell it's a scar tissue is because when I pucker my lips like if I want to kiss, you can see the spot where the incision was made is indented and it doesn't move. If I try to move my lower lip up, up right, up left, I can move it but that spot between the chin and lower lip is stiff. And if I put my tongue inside my mouth between the lower teeth and lower lip it feels tight and like a bump. I already had one shot of kenalog, 5 weeks ago and nothing happened, I have heard that sometimes it takes up to 3 shots for it to work. I have also heard 5FU shots help in scar tissue. I don't believe my problem is lip ptosis because my lip isn't drooping, I heard people here on the internet say about that and I've seen pictures of them but mines isn't like that, mines is the lower lip being like push behind so instead of the upper lip aligning itself with the lower lip it isn't. Again say I pucker my lip like I'm giving a kiss, that part is still. Is 5FU good to use or kenalog as well?

sounds like a complicated issue and honestly it is difficult to offer suggestions without examining the person. one option is to go back to your surgeon or go to aplastic surgeon if so far all the surgery has been done by maxillofacial specialists.
for the scar in the midline of your lower lip, a scar revision is more efficient than kenalog or 5Fu. only if surgery is not indicated, will i consider these two agents.
My suggestion is for you to consider seeing a plastic surgeon with reconstructive background and consider if scar revision would help.  

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