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Hi There,
Thank-you for taking my questions! I am a 38 year old female and I get Botox in a vertical wrinkle between my eyebrows, which is a bit dynamic. This time, I was left after the injection with a headache for three or four days- is this normal? Also, the Botox works great but I still have a crease/indentation. The doctor says filler is not an option between the eyebrows because of the risks, and is recommending laser resurfacing, but the amount of downtime and recovery and possibility of redness for months scares me. What would you recommend?

One final question, if you don't mind: what types of skin creams do you recommend for the face and eye area to prevent wrinkles?

Thanks again!

Hi Ginger,

I generally agree with what your doctor is telling you.

Botox (and the other neuromodulators) weaken the muscles so they soften the lines/wrinkles but do not necessarily eliminate them.  You can try more units in any of the muscles that you are targeting but I don't normally expect, and I don't promise, that any specific line will be "gone."

Headaches can occur for many reasons; even just the trauma of the injections themselves (ie the bit of tissue damage from several needles going through the skin, into to the muscles).  

I agree with not putting a filler there due to increased risks.  But I'm not sure that laser will provide a good enough result and/or be worth the relatively long recovery.  I usually recommend Botox there, possibly with an increased dose, and would otherwise suggest that you leave it at that.

I can't give specific comments on skin care; you'll need to be seen by your dermatologist for specifics on that.

Dr. E

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