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Ugly Girl
Ugly Girl  
QUESTION: What can be done to fix this plain face? I'm looking for something less temporary, and something that will not only balance my face but make me look gorgeous.

What can I be doing at home?

I also wish to know why does my face look this way? Is it a skeletal thing? Long face syndrome? Sickness? why is it out of proportion of the golden ratio?

My face looks rather awkward and overly vertical  while not even having any horizontal length minus the jutting formation of my nose.

Help me!


First of all, you are not an ugly girl.  It is impossible to give specific advice about cosmetic surgery without a personal consultation, so before making any decisions, you should consult one or more qualified cosmetic surgeons.

However, in general the procedures that I would recommend you consider would be a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and chin augmentation (chin implant).  You do have a fairly significant receding chin, and a silicone implant could improve the projection of the chin which would greatly enhance your appearance.  

A rhinoplasty could reduce, thin and reshape your nose to a more attractive appearance.

The rest of your features look just fine and I think with better hair styling, skin care and makeup, you could be a very attractive girl.

Hope this helps


Howard Tobin MD FACS

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QUESTION: Could the discrepancy exist because of a tooth issue like an overjet? I do have one.

How do I know if plastic surgery is correct if it is a small jaw issue? Shouldn't that be more  in line with max fax since it seems to be more structural rather than soft tissue? Wouldn't adding just plastic disguise the problem rather than solve the problem?

I don't know if I am saying this correctly...

Yes it could.  Orthodontic (or maxillofacial) treatment, which alters the bone structure, could be a consideration but is much more extensive.  An implant would not change dental function but could well improve appearance.  It all depends on whether you have any functional impairment or how much surgery you choose to undergo

Howard Tobin MD FACS

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