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Plastics/methacrylates and epoxy resin


Dr Lantos, thanks for supporting this great service. Let me share my fun with you.
I've recently finished a plastics and glues allergy test, and I'm severely allergic to BPA epoxy resin (DGEBA);  methacrylates EGDMA, HEMA, BDDMA, and BIS-GMA; and the thiuram compound TMTM. I get asthma and chemical burns from cured plastics. I'm hypersensitive enough to co-polymers to tell the difference between Glad Wrap and generic food wrap from a blindfold test, and get burns from many medical plastics. That said, I have some questions for a plastics expert.
1)  Is it common to add methacrylate co-polymers to PVP, LDPE, PVA, PVC and other food-and medical-grade products without labeling them?
2) Are methacrylates added to PVC, or is a reaction to PVC likely to be from BPA epoxy resin?
3) I'm in need of safe household adhesive and indoor paint. Are there types of products that are unlikely to contain these methacrylates or DGEBA?
4) What's a good way to accelerate the offgassing of plastic products? Dilute bleach, ammonia, peroxide, acid or base, water, UV exposure?  
5) What's a good way to accelerate the offgassing of  thiuram compounds without destroying the product?
6) What's in a generic non-PVC food wrap that's not in LDPE Glad Wrap? A total mystery to me...and scary that I can so easily tell the difference.
If you can find answers for even a few of these questions, it sure would improve my life. It's hard to be allergic to this stuff in the 21st century. Thanks a million.

First  of all, I am sorry that you are having such medical problems.
To the best of my knowledge, constituents in a plastic are not usually labeled. There is a symbol on the bottom of articles telling which recyclable category they fall into, other than that, I am not aware of labeling. Articles which cause allergic reaction in many users(such a latex) do get labeled.
Methacrylates are not usually added to PVC, only a variety of plasticizers and stabilizers.
I am sorry, but I am not knowledgeable regarding adhesives.
When/where do you want to perform outgassing of plastic products?
Again sorry, not familiar with thiuram compounds.
The composition of plastic food wrap is not known, I am not privy to that information. Usually it is LDPE, sometimes it is plasticized PVC, but the "magic additives" are not disclosed.


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