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Hi Bob. We have a play structure that is under a HUGE pine tree. Over the past 20 years the ground has become dirt and tree roots are starting to become a problem. What kind of product can we put in this area to make it safe for children. It is a fairly large area..probably 30ft/40ft...Sap can be an issue in the dirt as well. Our grass on the lawn is dissappearing as well which I presume is from the pine tree. Is there a product that we should use to help that area as well? Thank you Judy

Judy, not sure in your area what is the most used and available natural groundcovers. You might investigate what is being used around your area at some of the local parks. Normally I would suggest, at least 6 inches, of either all natural oak wood chips or if available small "P" gravel ( the "P"gravel would definitely require a wood frame boarder for containment, but is cleaner,drains well, has some play value and does not decompose over time). Basically you want something that will let moisture through to the ground and roots underneath, as well as provide some measure of safety. Good luck, Bob  

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