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Bob - You built me a play set about 12 years ago.  It's still holding up well.  I'm looking to relocate the set and noticed the posts appear to be cemented.  I only checked two.  Are all the posts cemented?  What is the best way to move the set with the cement on the posts?  Can the cement be broken off?  Should I cut the posts and use new posts?  Can it be moved with the cement on?  Thanks.

YES, all the posts should have concrete around them. The concrete is usually not that great so it is not terribly difficult to either break off the concrete in the hole or remove the post with concrete still attached and then break off after you get it out. To break off in the hole you need a metal throw bar, strike the concrete at the inside edge against the wood post along all four sides till it breaks free of the wood. To dig up the posts with the concrete, first remove all the walls and decking so the posts are standing alone. Then take a posthole digger and dig a hole next to the concrete, then you should be able to shake the post back and forth and pull the post into this new hole and then work it free and lift it out of the hole, then break off concrete. The two most difficult posts are usually the angled outside swing leg supports, often we would just cut them off at the ground and replace them when reinstalling a swing set. Good Luck, Bob

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