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We have three decorative circular concrete slabs on our lawn that are each approximately 3.5 feet in diameter.  Our 2 year old twin girls prefer playing on the concrete slabs to playing on the lawn (of course!). Do you have any suggestions on what to use to cover (or make safe) the concrete slabs for a few years until the girls are older.  I would prefer to use a substance that matches the gray in the concrete if at all possible.  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

I would probably not worry about these concrete slabs, unless they protrude up or step down, so that they might be a tripping hazard. They are considered a ground level hard surface and by safety standards do not require protective covering. The only solutions you might try? Painting them with a rubber paint to provide some cushion, but this could be a real maintenance issue down the road, or buy thin rubber matting or pads and cover the concrete. No solid suggestions on where to purchase such padding but you should be able to track down something on line, maybe 4x4 rubber pads for service areas cut to size would work?  Maybe those interlocking colored rubber pads you can buy at the kids store? They might work, but you will probably need to glue them down so they do not shift easily and the bright colors could be an issue for you, maybe you can order all gray or green from the manufacture. Sorry I could not be of more help. It is my experience that often the solution may cause more issues than the perceived problem and that Children grow up so fast this should not be a concern for long, good luck, Bob

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