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what steps can be taken to prevent injuries in school playground and how can it be implemented?  please send the answer soon. it is very ugent

Need a little more basic info before I can even try to answer this question. What age group, what kind of equipment do you have, any groundcover and what kind and condition, what type of injuries are you experiencing, problems during school after school or both. This will give me a starting point to provide some type of meaningful answer to your inquiry , Bob  

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I can provide experienced answers, options, solutions and personal opinion on almost any topic concerning children`s playgrounds residential or commercial. Including questions on design, construction, maintenance, groundcover, accesiblity and most importantly safety.


For 23 years owner of custom design and build playground company. Over that time designed and built thousands of residential and commercial play structures.

Certified Safety Inspector and member ASTM committees on playground safety for commercial and residential play areas.

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