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QUESTION: Hello, this year my school is performing The Miracle Worker for the spring play, and I really wish to get the role of Anne Sullivan. However I cannot find a good monologue to audition with. I know it is early, considering it's not even December yet, but I really, really want to get the role and want to be prepared ahead of time. Would you happen to know of any monologues that I could use? They must be at least a minute long, and preferably no longer than three minutes, however three and a half would be fine as well. Please and thank you,


ANSWER: Dear Yulenni -

So sorry for the delay in answering - I have not had regular access to my computer for the past 2 weeks.

I have not read 'The Miracle Worker' but I do know the story of Helen Keller. Before I give you an answer about monologues - what aspects of Annie Sullivan's character are you looking to emphasize? Are you trying for  something sad? Funny? Angry? Witty? What time period would you like a monologue from? And how long should it be? Also, in your opinion what are your natural strengths as an actor (so that you can play them up in your monologue, even if the monologue isn't specifically suited to Annie Sullivan?).

Hope to hear from you soon - meantime, all the best.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It's perfectly fine, thank you for replying.

I want to emphasize her anger and wit, if possible. The time period itself does not really matter as far as I know, and the monologue would be preferably two minutes, however shorter or longer is fine, as long as it does not surpass four minutes or go below one. I am not quite sure exactly what to name my strengths, actually. I am confident that I can get angry, fall into despair, and be motherly, as I have successfully done in past auditions and for my acting class. I know I can do dramatic monologues quite well, though I am not so sure with comedic.

I'm sorry if that sounds confusing, and thank you for your time.


Dear Yulenni -

Once again I must apologize for the delay in answering you - I was married this past week and many things have fallen by the wayside.

Regarding monologues - I hope I am not too late. Here are a few suggestions which I hope are helpful to you:

"The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-the-Moon Marigolds" - Paul Zindel - (Character: Beatrice Hunsdorfer) - this character  is a mother, but she is (unconsciously, for the most part) emotionally abusive to her 2 daughters, extremely wrapped up in herself, and constantly flashing back to her past. There are a few excellent monologues over the course of the play, and the entire piece is really well-written - it won a Pulitzer.

"Grotesque Lovesongs" - Don Nigro - (Characters: Louise or Romy) - This is another play about a troubled family, a mother, father and their two sons, and the woman one of the sons brings home. They discover that their rich, eccentric next-door neighbor has left his house to one son, and while trying to find out why,  various past affairs are revealed and the characters are forced to confront their complicated present relationships. Louise is the "mother character" (who has also had an affair in the past - in turns out that the neighbor actually is the father of one of her sons) but I would also recommend that you look at Romy - she is a much younger character, but she has motherly aspects as well, along with a great deal of anger and some humor.

"Look Back in Anger" - John Osborne (Character: Alison Porter) - This play is the story of a couple who comes from very different backgrounds (class-wise) and the trouble which this causes in their relationship. Alison also has more than one interesting monologue, and I would recommend that you look at her character, partly because she is  younger than either Louise or Beatrice, but has a fairly wide emotional range.

These would be my three initial top choices for you, but you may think that they are all a bit too similar (and depressing). If you are looking for something a bit lighter/funnier, please let me know. I am back on schedule now and should actually be able to answer in timely fashion.



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