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Hi Shannon!
I'm writing a paper on madness in Shakespeare's threes plays; Macbeth, Hamlet and King Lear. However I am struggling to find reliable sources I can use in my essay. I am trying to find out more information about attitudes towards madness in Elizabethan times. In addition to this I am trying to find out more information about the relationship between man and God, the Divine Right of Kings and how the plays were viewed as moral lessons in Shakespeare's time. I know it's a lot but I thought i'd ask as I know you could come up with some great stuff!

Thank you!

Dear Lauren -

I wrote one of my final essays in college on madness in King Lear, Hamlet and The Twelfth Night - madness in Shakespeare is a wonderful theme. Thank you for your email!

I am sending you the items from my paper which were relevant to Hamlet and King Lear (I think that there were also discussions of Macbeth in some of these books).

Regarding divine right I am less knowledgeable, but here are a few sources which I hope will give you a start, if you haven't looked into them yet:

The Shakespeare Resource Center:

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature:

The English Historical Review (looks like it refers to good source material):

Lots of luck - if you'd like to ask further questions, please let me know!

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