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RoyS wrote at 2014-11-30 23:55:15
I agree the dome is a royal pain to remove when hard water is present in the system.  The dome would not move unless I could feel it start bending the thin copper pipes attached to it.  Not good. WD-40, Kroil, heat, tapping and banging with a hammer and a heat gun would not free it up.

I also was successful removing it with a Dremmel wheel cutter.  Go out and buy a replacement dome before you start.  They are only about $7 and will show you where the threads are and where to cut.  The brass in the dome is pretty thick and the threads go all the way up the sides, not just at the base of the dome.  I had to cut 4 slots to remove two sections and cut part way into the threads but with a high speed wheel and a steady hand working down a little at a time, it did not affect the rest of the thread and with some work with a scotchbrite pad, there were no burs to affect the replacement dome from threading on tightly.

No more dripping tub/shower! Whew.

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