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Plumbing in the Home/Delta tub/shower install trickle flow of water


Florida Jim wrote at 2011-01-30 00:14:25
I have the exact same proublem DELTA IS CRAP!!!!!

After spending thousands of dollars remodeling a bath,now I have to go back and tear it up again. I will never buy a delta product again

dandi wrote at 2013-06-26 03:24:16
I just did the same thing after finding this post and fixed my Delta low flow problem also.  I think a quicker and easier solution could have been to turn off water, remove cartridge and take an extending magnet tool in the opening at the back of the valve assembly that has a small pipe running up and down through it (just above the water inlet openings).  The rust particles seem to be stuck just below the bottom edge in that opening.  Might have saved a lot of time and trouble, but I am happy I found this post and an answer to my problem.

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