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I use a well for a small shower outside a pool. The pump lately has been running without pumping any water. It's just a steady run noise. I hooked a water hose to the connection next to the pressurized tank to see if this works. It didn't. I did notice a small leak in the 1 1/4" piping coming from the well to the pump. I checked the pressure on top of the tank and it read 18psi. The air pressure tank reads 30/50. So I pumped the tank up to 28psi. Then I checked the contacts on the pressure switch to make sure the were not stuck. They move correctly. Now when I plug in, I get nothing. The pump is not running at all. Do I need to make adjustments anywhere or could the small leak on the line coming into the pump be the cause? Any ideas would be helpful.


It's possible that the pump may have burnt out.  

Whenever you notice a leak on a feed line to a pump, it's best to act
quickly and repair it otherwise the pump is working overtime to pull
water from the well (which it is not designed to do).

Also, whenever you have to make adjustment to a pressure tank, it's best
to isolate the tank and take any water pressure off in order to ensure
you have proper pressure on the internal bladder.

Hope this helps.



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