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I just found out that my plastic toilet flange is cracked and will not permit one of the two bolts that holds down the toilet to lock the toilet in place.

Initially I paid one of the maintenace men in our condo to replace the wax seal and flange and fix the toilet but they were unable to do the job and referred me to a plumber.  From what I can tell the plumber thinks the problem is more extensive and I'm having a hard time getting him to tell me the extent of the problem, what has to be done and what the cost will be.

To get another plumber to give me an estimate will cost at least $100, and I do not know any plumbers that I can call.

How do you suggest that I proceed and not get taken advantage of.  I'm somewhat gun shy as I had an unethical contractor do work in our condo 4 years ago and apparently the problem with the toilet is just one other area where he took shortcuts and did inferior work.

A broken "plastic" toilet flange will likely have to be broken out and a new flange glued back in to the drain. There are various ways to do this and it does take skill to replace a flange properly. Trust the plumber's advice but also insist on a plastic/metal flange and make sure that the flange is secured properly. If he glues it in properly it should be nice and secure. If its a "push in" type flange that does not use glue make sure that it is screwed into the concrete with plugs and screws. When the toilet is bolted back down it should be level and secure to the floor with no movement at all.


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