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First of all, thank you for having this wonderful service web site.

The copper hot water pipe knocks when the water is not running. It stops pretty fast when I open a hot water faucet anywhere in the house and or leave it just a bit open. Stops immediately when I open the hot water faucet closest to the water heater.

The knocking started after the house furnace was replaced and I remember the technician had to close the main water valve. I have also noticed that the water pressure is higher than it was before.

This is a list of actions I have taken in an attempt to stop the knocking:
1. Closed the main water valve, drained the internal hot and cold water pipes and reopened slowly the main water valve. (Didn't noticed a difference in the pipe knocking#
2. Reduced the hot water temperature level of the water heater (Didn't noticed a difference in the pipe knocking).
3. Closed the main water valve 35% and have noticed the knocking is less loud and less frequent.

I am wondering if I should reduce the water pressure using the pressure water valve but I have never done this and I don't know if it is safe to do this on my own.

Your advice is appreciated.
Thank you

Dear Richard,  The knocking in the pipe is being caused by the expansion of the pipes from the increased pressure.  The pressure is increasing due to the water being heated... it may be that a pipe has become loose from a fastener or a new pipe added and in contact with a hot water pipe.

What I would suggest is to add a pressure tank to the system....  Extrol pressure tanks are required in many cases anyway, and they serve to balance the pressure in the system.  They are not hard to install, but you may need a plumber to do the soldering.

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