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I recently had my old toilet replaced for the newer ones to save water. The plumber installed the tank and it is not set steady but moves if you even but put your hand on it. I was not happy when he installed it and said that that's the way it would move as the preexisting one was bigger and he put a piece of plywood behind it to keep it from moving. I am still not happy as it looks like an unprofessional job. I've seen these at old establishments and the tanks don't move. He also said he can't tighten the screw to hold both the tank and seat because it could break. And then to top it off, the screw caps at the bottom are not glued together because he said the screws are too long. Shouldn't he have brought the tools to take care of these kinds of problems? He convinced my husband that that's what everyone will do to remedy the unstable tank. I am not convinced. Can you help me please? Thank you.

Hi Esther,
I agree, sloppy and unprofessional work.  Back in the day, toilets were "roughed in" at 14" from the back wall.  Currently, they are standardly 12", hence the space behind the tank.

Modern, 14" rough toilets ARE available to deal with this. Did you provide the toilet or did the plumber? If they did, make them come back and replace it with the proper 14" rough toilet and bring the proper tools to cut down the closet bolts so the caps fit. That's just a stupid answer, "the bolts are too long"!  Excuse Me?  Are yo a moron or what?

The tank should be secured to the bowl firmly with NO movement.  It is even more likely to break if it's loose.  I would stop any payment to this guy and find a different plumber that is licensed and professional. This guy does not even qualify as a handy man.
Good Luck,

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