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I have a 17 year old 40 gallon water heater which I am going to replace. I ordered another 40 gallon one and went to pick it up yesterday but it was falsely advertised and came in showing as a 38 gallon. I am debating whether to keep it or get a true 40 gallon. Would those 2 gallons make a difference? We don't have a hot tub nor do we take baths. Just dishes, 3 showers a day, and laundry a couple times a week. I don't think I'll miss the 2 gallons, but I wanted to make sure the hot water won't get colder any quicker with the 38.

My old one is marked as Energy Star but I don't know the Factor. The Factor on my new one is 0.69. Any other new ones I could get that they have in stock have a 0.62 Factor. I am leaning to just keep the better rated 38 gallon one. Any thoughts?


Sometimes a water heaters actual capacity can vary by a few gallons so don't worry about it. 40 gallons is enough for most families and a newer water heater will recover quicker for you so it better able to keep up with demand.

I strongly recommend you have a professional install it and get it inspected. Read this article for reasons why you should have it installed by a licensed plumber.

Good luck.


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