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I have several 1971 bathroom sink angle stops that still turn, but upon disassembly, the compression gaskets have crumbled away. I would like to get the valves functional instead of using the main shutoff. The gasket attached to a nib on the stem instead of a screw.  I tried several washers from an assortment kit, and size 0 fit into the angle stop body.  The flat size 0 had no effect on shutting the water off.  A beveled size 0 lowered the flow from the sink, but didn't shut the flow off.  When I look into the angle stop, it is a straight cylinder with a slightly necked down portion midway.  The angle stop is the old 3/4" full turn type attached to galvanized pipe.  The home center had an "angle stop replacement gasket", but it looked like the size 0 flat washer I already tried.
Is there a thicker press on washer that these older angle stops used?  Thank you!

Hello Kenneth,
I understand your desire to try to repair these angle stops. The problem is, as you are finding, these are old and outdated and replacement parts are not readily available. Your time would be much better spent just replacing the entire angle stop with a newer, 1/4 turn style ball valve type angle stop. These will essentially last forever and never require service.

Even if you are able to find a suitable washer, the actual seat cast into the angle stop body may be damaged and installing a new washer will not solve the problem. Just cut your losses and save time by replacing the angle stops with newer versions that will be trouble-free.
Good Luck,

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