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Hi Dana. I live in a rented apartment in Malta, Europe and have an intermitant problem with my water pump.
A large water tank on the roof with pressure booster pump underneath it which supplies two bathrooms, kitchen sink and heater, washing machine and a hose pipe outside.
Everything works all the time except the kitchen faucet which is sometimes a dribble and sometimes full pressure. The kitchen is not the last outlet in the system. I can hear the pump cut in and out when it works as it should.
I have checked all the PVC lines and there is nothing evident like a kink or restriction. Could it be the pressure switch and is this adjustable?
Thank you.

Hi Mike,
Since "everything works all the time" it is unlikely a system problem. It has to be something about the kitchen faucet. Does this faucet have a sprayer?  If so, there is a diverter built into the faucet that senses when the sprayer is activated.  This may be malfunctioning due to mineral or debris buildup and not working as it should. It is designed to divert the water flow to the spray handle and away from the spout.  If it sticks, the water flow to the spout will stop but no water will come out the sprayer if it's trigger is not activated.
Best guess.
Good Luck,

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