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I have an overhead tank placed at around 7m height, of capacity around 2000 L. The water in this tank is (planned) to drip irrigate my greenhouse crops. I also have a fertilizer injector connected inline with the irrigation line which can cause a max of 1Kg/cm2 pressure drop. The pressure required at the pipe output towards the drip system is ~1.5Kg/cm2.

Per my computation, the pressure i get with the height i have is less than .7kg/cm2 which is not even close to the requirement of >2.5Kg/cm2 pressure. Is there a way by which i can make this work without using electricity?


         Over head tank @ 7m
-----drips------|------P1------fertilizer injector------P2-- |

P1 ~ 1.5Kg.cm2
P2 ~ 2.5Kg/cm2

thankyou for your time.

Hi Nivin,
The only way that I'm aware of, sans electricity, is to raise the source higher. Pure physics at work here.

Here's a handy conversion calculator in case you need it;
1Kg/cm2 = 14.223 PSI (1 atmosphere at sea level)

If you are in a location where electricity is not available you might consider looking into photovoltaic systems.  They are making great strides these days in that area. There are pressure booster systems available but they require power and a diaphragm tank.  Since you are working at relatively low pressures here, the needs might be in the range of a photovoltaic powered system.

Good luck in your search.......

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