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Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
I have a HE Saturn Kerr oil furnace, that runs both my hot water for taps plus the base boards.  My issue is we cannot seem to regulate the hot and cold in the shower, or other taps. Always seems to be to much of one and not enough of the other.
Wife is starting to get a bit up set as she gets first frozen then scalded and then frozen with every shower.
It is extremes to, sometimes there is so much hot water, not enough cold to cool it, other times the exact opposite.
I have started to change the 1/2 copper pipe over to 3/4 pex, as we are also lacking in pressure. ( We are on a well, submersible pump new)
The original plumbing has 1/2 going to the furnace and 3/4 coming out, will this cause any issues?

How  long ago did you change the well pump and did you replace the pressure tank as well? The reason i ask is that it sounds like the well pump may be short cycling. Make sure the pressure tank is set properly, that is it is set 2 pounds less than the low side of the pump switch. The pressure is checked when the well is powered down and the water is drained out of the tank completely. The switch will be either 20-40 of 30 - 50 set air pressure at 18 or 28. If this does stop problem, check faucet is shower. scald-guard type faucets work  by pressure of both hot and cold water. if one is lower the faucet will swing  to the extremes. increasing pipe size from 1/2 to 3/4 will only increase pressure marginally, it will increase volume though There are other reasons for your  type problem but start with the pump system first

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